N°1 Respect

A respectful fragrance diffusion technology 

Signature Olfactive’s solutions all use proprietary « dry » scent diffusion, respectful or people, places and the environment. This technology is characterized by :

  • The absence of liquid or vapor dispersion in the atmosphere, depositions on floors, walls and sold products

  • An almost real-time control of the desired fragrance intensity, avoiding any form of olfactory saturation among employees, visitors or customers

  • The disappearance of fragrance molecules once diffuser is switched off hence allowing the fragrancing of sensitive spaces (food shelves, restaurants, hospitals …)

  • Maintenance free and avoiding any skin contact with fragrances

Tested in variety of applications (hospitals, offices, shops, store aisles, hotel rooms …), analyzed and benchmarked, our « dry » diffusion technology has been validated and adopted by leading brands in Retail, FMCG, Fashion, Hospitality, Sports, as well as large healthcare and business services corporations.