Exclusive and validated expertise at your service

  • Our approach  

    Prioritize a genuine, transparent, humble “consulting” approach, giving priority to listening, customer issue understanding, exchange, pedagogy and, above all, total objectivity without concessions as to project feasibility (and correlative regulatory obligations) and banning any promises deemed unrealistic

  • A unique know-how 

    A recognized medical DNA. An exclusive know-how in dry diffusion respecting people and the environment, tested and validated by more over 1,200 clients and 16,000 systems across 40 countries.

    All in-vivo user and benefit practices (good or mediocre) have been inventoried and constitute a gigantic proprietary knowledge base.

    All our solutions’ benefits are proven by analyzes or clinical studies.

  • Our vision  

    1/ Accessibility: managing all associated professions and expertise from design, manufacturing, certification, marketing, to our solutions. All economies of scale are passed on hence allowing us to offer among the most competitive market prices, and only offering premium quality Perfumes.

    2/ Product: Pragmatism and R&D fueling simplicity, security, zero maintenance, autonomy, scalability, versatility and continuous improvement

    3/ Diffusion: A radically new diffusion concept based on scientific, physiological and usage findings, optimizing diffusion impact and drastically rationalizing service costs.

Our products