Olfactive Spirit Pro ®

Electronic fragrance « dry diffusion » solution made of a diffuser and long performance perfume cartridges covering up to 45 square meters per system.

  • Motion sensor
  • Diffuser cover and pedestal
  • Wall-mount
  • Anti-theft module


Electronic fragrance diffuser complying with CE/EU and CEM standards. Diffuser is made in the EU. Fragrance cartridges are made in France.
12V power supply.

Dry diffusion technology – No deposition, no permanency and no maintenance.

Fragrance cartridge replacement within seconds without any fragrance skin contact.

Real-time control of fragrance intensity and diffusion power.

LCD display providing real-time fragrance cartridge consumption level, visual and sound alerts.

Maintenance free – 380 operating hours of fragrance diffusion.

Precise fragrance diffusion programming for every week day and time slots (alternating two fragrances is also possible) without training nor maintenance services.

Create, target and modify without constraints the olfactory atmosphere of your commercial or welcome spaces !


Identity and Fragranced Atmosphere

Enrich your brand territory with a unique sensory dimension.

Point Of Sales Fragrance Stages

Integrate an olfactory dimension to your in-store promotional activities and aisles.

Aromacology and olfactive well-being

Promote well-being for all at specialized institutions.

Neutralizing Odors

Improve customer convenience, the work environment and the perceived image.

Signature Olfactive is back !

TSMC, over-taker of Signature Olfactive’s assets, technology and expertise, invites you to dive back into the world of sensory with pleasant, reassuring, benevolent, invigorating and energizing atmospheres.

Our manufacturing center is in France just like our fragrances, collaborating with the best laboratories and the biggest noses.

We are present in 5 continents through our network of partners.

The whole team is at your disposal to answer to your requests.

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