Our fragrances

A media to stimulate
emotions and empathy

Olfaction… behind its enchantment, a media, imbued with emotions and source of kindness.

Behind each fragrance hides a story, a memory, an emotion that we transcribe into consumer trends, expression of needs, customer experience.
This is our know-how in serving customers around the world. 

Creation, selection of your fragrance or ours, we are present throughout the chain and as an expert in the field of olfactory ambiance.

Our experience in creating atmospheres in thousands of different places and universes, the creativity of our noses, experts in creating a unique atmosphere, our adaptability for the diverse brands, our listening and ability to translate your expectations and your words into emotional olfactory, are as many perks that we put at your disposal.

Signature Olfactive is back !

TSMC, over-taker of Signature Olfactive’s assets, technology and expertise, invites you to dive back into the world of sensory with pleasant, reassuring, benevolent, invigorating and energizing atmospheres.

Our manufacturing center is in France just like our fragrances, collaborating with the best laboratories and the biggest noses.

We are present in 5 continents through our network of partners.

The whole team is at your disposal to answer to your requests.

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