"Kits Ateliers Senteurs" : Mémoire olfactive et réminiscences

Brain and emotional stimuation through olfaction

Promote the spontaneous expression of emotions and reminiscences across patients/residents, their socialization, self-esteem and the pleasure of recovering forgotten sensations !

  • Located near the « hippocampus » where our emotions sit, the sense of smell is little affected by time thanks to a specific neurogenesis.


  • Our olfactory sense refers directly to our sensory, emotional and inner lifes thanks to odors, real memories and emotions catalysts within our hedonic center (amygdala).


  • Trainers and psychologists in mursing homes, retirement homes, associations, specialized care centers (behavioral disorders, blindness, dementia or neurodegenerative diseases) will discover a method as well as a tool-set and premium fragrances to leverage the immense potential of scents to organize olfactory workshops to stimulate patients/residents emotional memories.