« Olfactive Spirit Pro » : Aromacology and olfactive well-being

Promote well being for all at specialized institutions.

Aging, dependency, disability ….. Sensorial and emotional stimulation through smells allow non-drug solutions contributing to :

  • Soothe and reassure residents suffering from high anxiety, particularly at dawn and dusk.
  • Give a soul and warm atmosphere to specific areas at care homes.
  • Foster relationships, verbal or not, between residents and caregivers.
  • Facilitate travel and orientation within a facility and reduce anxiety of being lost thanks to olfactory identification signals (e.g. elevator landings on each floor).
  • Enhance specific spaces according to seasons, major calendar events (spatiotemporal marks – e.g. Christmas) or rooms (living room, restaurant, TV lounge, snoezelen …).
  • Develop activities promoting brain stimulation and emotional memories