« Brand Scent » miniature interactive fragrance diffuser

On-shelf olfactive product communication

Patented interactive miniature fragrance diffuser, customizable and integrable on shelves or displays (Lama, free standing, countertop …).


  • Interactive : Consumer on-demand olfactive messaging (triggered)

  • Performance : Instant diffusion of a 16 liter fragranced air bubble. Scent dissapears within moments.

  • A true communication medium to maximize memorization, perceived value and product preference

  • Customization : brand and/or product message, unit « housing » dressing (cardboard cover, artwork) and 100% customizable fragrance

  • Respectful : Dry diffusion without any perfume deposition nor permanency. No fragrance intrusion at neighboring shelves. No passive pollution.

  • Fragrances : An event related exclusive perfume collection with strong emotional and cognitive impact. Customer fragrances may also be used.

  • Autonomous system (up to 4 000 diffusion cycles of 5 seconds), lockable and maintenance free.

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