Fragrance workshop kit

Fragrance workshop kit

Methodology, fragrances, tools, …. Promote the psycho-emotional balance of your residents with an accessible comprehensive professional kit for olfactive stimulation.


  • Fragrance workshop case for easy carrying and protection

  • Step-by-step method and protocol instructions

  • Supplied with a « creative guide » featuring multiple workshop topics tailored for the residents cognitive level

  • Perfumes : 40 x 10 ml high quality bottles classified into 5 very evocative themes (reminiscence, childhood, fruits, plants & flowers, spices …) to associate numerou memories

  • Professional fragrance testers (500) to engage with workshop participants

  • Forms to describe workshop highlights

  • CD-ROM featuring 40 visuals, each associated with a fragrance to perform multi-sensorial workshops involving sight and scent. Also contains the entire documentation in PDF format




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