« Olfactive Spirit Pro ©» fragrance diffuser

« Olfactive Spirit Pro ©» fragrance diffuser

Electronic fragrance « dry diffusion » solution made of a diffuser and long performance perfume cartridges covering up to 45 square meters per system (120m3).

Product specifications

  • Dry diffusion technology – No deposition, no permanency and no maintenance

  • Real-time control of fragrance intensity and diffusion power

  • Precise fragrance diffusion programming for every week day and time slots (alternating two fragrances is also possible) without training nor maintenance services

  • LCD display providing real-time fragrance cartridge consumption level, visual and sound alerts …

  • Fragrance cartridge replacement within seconds without any fragrance skin contact

  • Maintenance free – 380 operating hours of fragrance diffusion

  • Accessory program : Motion sensor, diffuser cover, pedestal, wall-mount and anti-theft module

  • Electronic fragrance diffuser complying with CE/EU and CEM standards. Diffuser is made in the EU. Fragrance cartridges are made in France. 12V power supply.

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